Decay estimates of solutions to the 3D magneto-micropolar equations- 尚海峰 副教授(河南理工大學)

作者:   來源:  時間:2019-09-20

題目:Decay estimates of solutions to the 3D magneto-micropolar equations

報告人:尚海峰 副教授


Abstract : In this talk, we will introduce some recent results on the optimal decay estimates for 3D magneto-micropolar equations. This talk contains two main results. The first result is the optimal decay rates in L^2 of the weak solutions of 3D magneto-micropolar equations with large initial data, where to prove this result we need to overcome the difficulty that comes from the presence of linear terms. Then using Fourier splitting method, we introduce our second main result, namely, the decay rates in L^2 for higher order derivatives of the smooth solution with small initial data.


地點:首都師范大學本部教二樓 527 教室